Terms & Condition

>Acceptance of Estimate<
All estimates are given based on the information supplied by you and without sight of the vehicle. If, upon inspection, more work is required as the vehicle is heavily soiled a revised estimate will be given. We will only proceed once we receive your confirmation to do so. If, during the cleaning process further issues are identified, we will inform you of these before we deal with them to get your approval for any additional costs.
>Advanced Payment<
We do not require any advanced payment on our valeting packages. Our detailing package will require a 20% deposit upon booking. Deposits are non-refundable.
>Prices of materials/labour<
Prices are subject to alteration upon the day of arrival if pictures of the vehicle are not provided during the booking process. We reserve the right to re-evaluate estimates at any time should we encounter any unforeseen issues throughout the vehicle which would lead to more products being used/time spent on the vehicle. 
Valet 95 will supply all products needed to clean the vehicle. Some products have certain smells and chemicals which may cause allergic reactions to some. For further information about our products please ask us before we begin on your vehicle. If you have allergies and DO NOT make the employee aware of them, Valet 95 will not be responsible for any injuries or after affects caused by this.
Our charges are based on a day rate/estimate price for the job and not based on an hourly rate. Any jobs that lead us to travel over 25 miles will lead to an additional charge of 45 pence per mile in addition to the estimated price. We reserve the right to increase our prices annually from the 1st of January in order to keep up with inflation and rising costs. Also, millage rate may be subject to change as we see fit to keep up with rising costs. 
>VIS (vehicle inspection form) forms<
All VIS forms must be signed and dated by the owner of the vehicle once work is completed. Inspection of the vehicle will be carried out upon arrival of Valet95 to mark down any damages or defects to the vehicle. Further damage which was not visible may become apparent as cleaning takes place and if the customer is not present at the time, an email will be sent with photos and an updated VIS form. We expect a reply (confirming damages & defects) within 24hrs. If no response is received within the period, we will assume that all details/damages and defects are correct. Therefore, we will not accept any liability to any damage/ defects outside of the asked time frame. This may include things such as scratches which were not obvious before the vehicle has been cleaned. 
>Monthly Maintenance<
Customers who have a monthly maintenance plan with us will not have to sign a VIS form upon our arrival every 4 weeks, we keep our own log of any additionally damages or defects we find upon returning back to you. We will have a new one made every 12 months, which we will keep on file. This monthly maintenance is only applicable if we return to you within the first 4 weeks of our pervious arrival. If this timeline is not met then a new VIS form will have to be completed.
 >Terms of payment<
Full payment must be made before we leave your property, unless discussed otherwise. We accept either cash, card or bank transfer. If you will not be at home at this time, we will require payment before we start work. Payment for any changes to the cost as a result of additional work which has been required and agreed by you must be made within 48 hours. Late payment of invoices for additional work will incur a 5% fee.
All payments must be made before leaving the property after the work is carried out. If you are not home when the work has been finished an email will be sent with an invoice for the work and a VIS form which will need to be confirmed by you. If payment has not been received by the following day another email will be sent out. Following that if still no payment by the 5th day an additional charge of 5% will be added to the price. If within 7 days we have still received no payment legal actions will be taken. 
>Cancellation policy<
We (Valet 95) operate a cancellation policy to prevent losses due to no fault of our own, which would in turn lead to us as a company increasing our prices to accommodate for those losses. Any cancellation within 48 hours of the booking will result in a charge of 50% of the estimated price. Any cancellation within 24 hours of the booking will result in a charge of 100% of the estimate. Same day bookings will not incur a cancelation fee.

Any further enquires or any questions please contact us at [email protected]

Last Updated: 24/03/2024