Signature 95

Our entire identity hinges on this service, making it truly unique and tailored to your vehicle. Our signature valet guarantees all-around results.

What's it all about? 

The overhaul of your interior includes thorough hoovering of all surfaces, along with the application of specialized products tailored to each material. From refreshing your seating with dedicated leather and fabric cleaners to disinfecting and eliminating odours using leading steam cleaning methods, streak-free glass surfaces, leaving your interior refreshed and inviting.

Transitioning to the exterior, we employ industry-leading products to enhance your vehicle's image. Our process begins on the wheels, tyres & arch walls, safe cleaning & decontamination. Moving onto a contactless pre-wash, removing 95% of dirt before any direct contact is made. Gentle contact wash is performed, while intricate areas are detailed using specialized brushes. Next, we undertake a two-stage decontamination of paintwork. Finally, we apply a leading protection wax to ensure a stunning finish and safeguard your vehicle's appearance against environmental elements.

>Surcharge may apply<




X Large-£130

>5-6 Hours<