Machine polishing is desinged to perfect your paint to its true look. Over time micro scratching creates tiny peaks and uneven levels in your clear coat causing that spider webbing affect. This service can also have a major benefit to older vehicles with faded or dull appearance.

Using a selection of premium compounds, pads & machine polishers we cut back these imperfections and unveil the true colour.

We offer two, exterior only, correction services to suit your needs:

*1-2 Day Service*

**Single Stage** Achieving high levels of gloss for every vehicle. Using high grade machines, compounds and pads we remove upto 70% defects drastically improving appearance. Topped off with a high grade wax sealant. From: £290-£380

**Multi Stage** Unlock your paintworks full potential and protect it with our 7 year ceramic coating as standard. We start of with a heavy cut removing the deeper imperfections and scratches. Finally we refine back any hazing left behind focusing on refining the paint.  From £500-£650

*20% Deposit required*

Before making any decisions, we encourage you to reach out for our professional guidance and to explore the benefits.