New Car Protection

A luxury new car experience, delivered to you how it should be! We understand the thrill & excitement of acquiring & picking up your new vehicle. We bring the true look and feel to your new pride & joy, prolong its look for years to come. This service has been desgined to maintain the look the day you picked it up & have you keep on top with minimal effort.

How Do We Make A New Vehicle Look Better?

Machine Polishing: 

We carry out a minimum light paint correction, 70-90% defect removal. Your vehicle has traveled many miles on lorry's, been parked in storage & had the odd (incorrect) wash. We eliminate these minor defects, enhance gloss with leading products, compounds & machines.


Full deep clean & decontamination of the wheels, tryes & arches, followed by a pre-wash to remove 90% off dirt away from the paint before contact. Safe wash, followed by a 4 stage decontamination of the paint. All glass will be contaminate free.


Flawless finish to every surface, along with specific products to prolong overall appearance. Leather seats, dash ceramic coated with REIGN.

Ceramic Coating, REIGN:

We coat everything! Paint, wheels, glass, leather seats! This will not only enhance your vehicles looks, will keep your paintwork & glass protected from UV, dulling, fading, chemical resistance, aswell as adding a hydrophobic surface which repels rain, water and even chemicals. Keeps your car cleaner for longer and maintenance is a breeze. This coating comes with warranty!

*1-2 Day Service*

*20% Deposit Required*