This remarkable coating, developed by Performance PPL, features an advanced nanotechnology formula that creates an impenetrable barrier between your surfaces and environmental elements for up to 7 years (provided it's maintained correctly and based on annual mileage). Developed to repell dirt away, keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer & most importantly your shine!

Reign distinguishes itself as the sole coating capable of application on ANY surface, from paintwork (gloss, matte, satin) to glass, wheels, wraps, PPF, carbon fiber, and beyond.

Prior to application, a full exterior detail is required. After we conduct a thorough inspection of your paintwork. It will be necessary to receive a minimum, stage 1 polish to adequately prepare the surface & ensure the coating preforms.

What truly sets Reign apart is its unique manufacturer's warranty, providing you with assurance and confidence in its exceptional performance.

*Whole Day Service*

*20% Deposit Required*

Once the coating has been applied to your vehicle, your welcome to receive a full decontamination wash within 6 weeks off application! This will keep your coating performing at optimum for only £30

Wheel Faces Coating £80

Glass Coating £50

Leathers Coating £50

Small- £350

Medium- £390

Large- £430

X Large- £470